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Updated Earthquake Map Shows Oregon at High Risk

Written by Christina Kemp on July 18, 2014

Oregon and the Northwest is at high risk for a catastrophic earthquake. But are we prepared?

We have known for a while that Oregon is at risk for a big quake An updated earthquake map confirms it.  Ian Madden with the Oregon Department of Geology says their is a significant chance that the big one will hit in the next fifty years and the wreckage could be devastating.

“And they will cause long term economic decline in the state. Unless we start fixing things sot that we don’t end up with a bunch of broken highways, power systems, water systems, bridges, that sort of thing.”

He says Portland will likely see moderate damage. The key will be to quickly get the water and power back up and running to keep businesses going.

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2 replies to “Updated Earthquake Map Shows Oregon at High Risk

  1. lori english

    Most all other sites say the big Oregon earthquake can hit anytime soon Oregon is not prepared the Oregon news needs to let the people know how serious this is and inform us of all earthquakes that hit in oregin


  2. lori english

    Also the hills creek dam in oakridge Oregon is built with alot it rocks it was never built correctly there has been several complaints made throughout the years but was never rebuilt correctly this dam is the first dam if breaks it will also brake the other dams about 25 miles away sad that the people responsible to fix this dam never did all calls and no help it won’t take a very big earthquake to take that dam out


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