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First Governor’s Debate In Salem

Written by Pat Boyle on July 18, 2014
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Photo courtesy of Rosemary Reynolds

Salem, Oregon – Incumbent Governor John Kitzhaber and Republcan challenger, State Representative Dennis Richardson held their first debate in Salem today. They were asked 17 questions, including one  about the failed Columbia Crossing project. Kitzhaber said ” I make no apologies about the CRC. No one, including my opponent said well, we shouldn’t do the design work, we shouldn’t  go after the EIS, we shouldn’t get the coat guard permit because there’s an outside chance that Washington State that has worked on this for a decade wouldn’t uphold its end of the bargain.”

Richardson said the governor doesn’t handle himself well on the big decisions . He says he becomes arrogant and points to the Columbia River Crossing Project as an example. He says “the governor’s desire to go alone on the project ,to have  Oregon utilize its resources and go forward with the Columbia bridge even though  the legislature had made it clear that the representatives of the people were not going to go it alone.”

The two both support open primaries. Richardson blasted Kitzhaber for the  failure of Cover Oregon.

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

Listen to part of their debate below.

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