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Blue Lake Remains Closed After Sickness

Written by Jeremy Scott on July 16, 2014

FAIRVIEW — Swimming is off limits at Blue Lake Park until the health department is assured that it’s safe to go back into the water.

More than a dozen people got sick after swimming in the lake last weekend.  They reported vomiting, diarrhea, rashes and cramps.

The county collected water samples earlier this week, but they haven’t got the results yet.  E. coli though has been ruled out.

“Our initial impression is that the illness is due to norovirus or a similar stomach virus,” said Deputy Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines.

Norovirus spreads easily and is the most common cause of vomiting and diarrhea with recovery time usually 24 to 48 hours.

“It makes we wonder what the reason is,” said a mother who brought her kids to enjoy the splash pad.

That water comes from a separate chlorinated public water supply.  The park is still open for visitors.  Boaters have ignored the warning and are getting splashed by the water.


Officials say anyone who swam in the lake and has symptoms should drink plenty of fluids and contact their doctor.

This isn’t the first case at Blue Lake.  There have been outbreaks of both norovirus and E. coli in the past.  Last year, blue-green algae scum was found in the water.

“It seems like it happens every year,” said one visitor.  Some people who live in the area want the man-made lake shut down permanently.

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1 reply to “Blue Lake Remains Closed After Sickness

  1. Ron Overlie

    This is the e- mail exchange between myself and O.M.C.B.
    Executive Director Michelle Gainse, just after a very heated phone call!

    How deadly would it be if some corrupt bureaucrats dumped 100’s upon 100’s of tons of this contaminated soil from pioneer cemeteries, directly into the water ways within 1/4 mile of where our children swim??
    That entire area is a… Federal Superfund Site! People own homes there, there is a regional park there, there is a children’s water park there, there is a swim beach there! People use those Lakes for swimming , fishing, boating and those Lakes are the back yard to 100’s of family’s! Not to mention the farmers who use them for irrigation! The Columbia River is just a short distance down stream!
    The Oregon Health Department told me they didn’t think there was any danger????
    The first of these studies… and warnings; is from the Oregon State D.E.Q and the Oregon Health Division!! The second is from the Oregon State D.E.Q. listing Arsenic from old Cemeteries #5 on their watch list of contamination sources!!! The last is section #2 of the report (along with photos) I gave to Oregon State A.G. and a long list of Oregon state public officials, members of the press and law enforcement! All of whom are covering up for Metro… at the expense of the publics health and safety!!!!!
    Metro manages that park and protected water shed. Metro is lying to the people who use the park, and to the homeowners surrounding the Lakes because they ordered the contaminated soil to be dumped there! Metro has admitted to having dumped this soil in 4 separate locations! They are just pretending it is harmless to cover their own asses… at the risk of the public who trusts Metro to protect them!!!!!!!

    (cor·rupt/kəˈrʌpt/ Show Spelled [kuh-ruhpt] Show IPA
    1. guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.) See More

    I know that the O.M.C.B. has no power to bring criminal charges. I have been told that over and over again. However, according to the Attorney General’s Rules of Conduct for the O.M.C.B. (included in my report) You people are required by law to report to the proper authorities, any criminal activity, or danger to the public health and safety your investigation exposes.

    After reading my report, your investigator was required by law to report the crimes Metro was involved in to the police, the F.B.I. the fraud investigators, the B.I.A., the Oregon State Health Dept., the E.P.A., the D.E.Q., and any other law enforcement or public health department that the law requires you to notify. You are also required by law to investigate every report your office receives.
    In a nearly three year investigation, Lynne Nelson did not investigate any of the crimes I reported and handed her absolute proof of. For god sake… they confessed to these crimes!!!! Yet you fine them for not reporting to you a management change in a timely fashion???

    Lynne Nelson and Detective Robertson ordered my friend Jason McCoy to lie and file a false statement in the investigation into Michael Jordan in Jan. 2011! They were involved in a cover up, less than 5 months before I reported Metro’s crimes. Then Lynne Nelson and Detective Robertson LIED right to my face about having any prior knowledge of these crimes!

    Director Gaines; I can name 4… now 5 current and former O.M.C.B. members who were either directly involved in these crimes, or knew they were being committed, prior to my report…and did nothing to stop them!

    I would like you to respond to this e-mail and to please explain how this could be allowed to happen.

    The failure of your board to follow its sworn duty, to do the right thing for the people you pretend to represent… has put many lives in danger, not just mine, but those of the children playing in that water right now! And the people who live in the homes surrounding those lakes!

    One more thing Director Gaines; Please visit the links in my prior e-mail, then take your children out to Blue Lake and tell them its safe for them to swin in that water!

    While you are there, at the swim beach look to the West, note how far the pond (dump site #2) is from your children and all of the other children playing in the water! And if you find yourself getting thirsty while you are there, help yourself to a big drink out of the lake… Metro swears its safe! Do you believe them??? Did you see the photographs in my report?

    How do you people sleep at night??

    Thank you for providing this information. We will review thoroughly, and bring all new information to the Board for consideration.

    As I described on the phone, this Board thoroughly investigates all complaints without bias, and all cases are reviewed by an assistant attorney general from the Attorney General’s office prior to board deliberation as part of our standard process. Furthermore, we do refer all evidence of criminal violations as required by law.

    Also, as we discussed, you may follow up with the Oregon Department of Justice or the Governor’s office directly regarding any concerns with this Board or other agency..

    Thank you.


    Michelle Gaines

    Executive Director

    Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Board

    Regulating Death Care Facilities and Practitioners in Oregon.

    800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 430

    Portland, OR 97232

    971.673.1502 | FAX 971.673.1501


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