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$15 Hourly Minimum: Another Victory

Written by Steve Leader on July 16, 2014
$15 hourly minimum

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An effort by some businesses to repeal a $15 hourly minimum wage in Seattle appears to have fallen short of the required signatures to place the question on the November ballot.

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, supporters of the $15 minimum were delighted to hear that opponents, who call themselves Forward Seattle, failed in their effort to repeal the ordinance.

It was passed unanimously by the Seattle city council and signed by the mayor.  The $15 hourly minimum will be phased-in starting in January.

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2 replies to “$15 Hourly Minimum: Another Victory

  1. William

    First, it will NOT be phased in starting January, but starting in April.
    Second, this is only temporary setback for those who want job growth in this city. There is a state-wide initiative coming soon that will outlaw all local minimum wage laws in the state and a city initiative that will be on the ballot in 2015 as well. This is far from over.


  2. Craig

    Backward Seattle couldn’t get enough signatures already, Polling shows a very high level of support for the higher minimum wage. The only question that remains is, How much money will these greedy owners waste fighting to not pay a living wage? Truly shameful that business owners would rather pay lawyers and dubious campaigns money, but won’t pay their “valued’ employees.

    We know who these greedy businesses are.


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