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Two Women Busted On Drug Charges And Could Be Involved In Retail Theft Ring

Written by Pat Boyle on July 11, 2014

Lake Oswego, Oregon -Two Portland women are facing drug charges after workers at Sur La Table in Lake Oswego noticed them stealing stuff while in the store and called police. Carmen Young and Victoria Brown face theft and drug possession charges. Young has also been charged with probation violation.

Police also found a bunch of bags of what they believe to be more stolen property, worth around $2,000. Police are looking to see whether this case is part of a bigger organized, retail theft operation that has hit a number of stores around the Portland metro area.

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1 reply to “Two Women Busted On Drug Charges And Could Be Involved In Retail Theft Ring

  1. someinfo

    Its funny how the same people buying stolen merchandise in the last FBI sting at the second hand stores are now living in the Portland tigard area where the recent thefts are occuring. If a outsider could figure this out….and know there is more to the retail thefts happening here The persons influencing these people to steal the items they are willing to purchase should also be arrested instead of plea bargaining for just probation and playing both sides purchasing the stolen items and then giving the names of the thieves to the investigators because that was there deal to stay out of jail. The individuals responsible are the ones purchasing but for some reason they are yet to get charged and part of a theft ring investigation is to arrest all parties involved so why did the investigators not track the thieves to see where the merchandise was being delivered? Or do they already now where it was supposed to go? Either spend our taxpayer money wisely and protect our investments or quit fabricating stories that are partial to the account that you made an arrest. The purchaser have probably never spent a day in jail and until then then they are getting thousands in stolen items before they five you a name to arrest..arrest the purchaser and the thrives won’t have a buyer


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