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Squirrel Knocks Out Power and Causes Crashes in Washington County

Written by Jeremy Scott on July 7, 2014

HILLSBORO — For the second time in a week, a squirrel is to blame for knocking out power in Washington County.  About 8,000 PGE customers were affected Monday morning after the rodent got into some equipment at a substation.

It took a few hours for utility crews to get the problem fixed.  Power was restored before 10:00.

“It turns out squirrels will strike in the same place twice,” said Steve Corson of Portland General Electric.

Traffic lights were out at several intersections in Hillsboro and Beaverton.  Officials remind you to always treat that as a four-way stop, but some drivers were not following the law.

One of the places dark was at 185th and Evergreen.  A sheriff’s deputy responding to two crashes was going the wrong way on 185th to get past a closure when his patrol car was sideswiped by a vehicle making a U-turn.


Bill Morrison was ticketed for making an illegal turn.  The deputy was not hurt.

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1 reply to “Squirrel Knocks Out Power and Causes Crashes in Washington County

  1. prodriver

    That cop should be given multiple tickets for driving the wrong way and not stopping at the non functioning light. The cop should have to pay for the damages to the patrol car. Where did that cop learn to drive? Kmart?


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