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GMO Label Signatures Turned In

Written by Pat Boyle on July 2, 2014

Salem, Oregon – Backers of a ballot measure to require labels on genetically modified food have turned in what they say are more than enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

They need more than 87,000 valid signatures. They turned in more than 155,000 today to the  Secretary of State’s office which will now have to verify them.

The measure would require labels on raw and packaged foods stating that they were genetically engineered. If approved, it would take effect in January of 2016.

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1 reply to “GMO Label Signatures Turned In

  1. Kenneth Kingery

    It is illegal not to tell the people what is inside these foods we eat. Besides that (A Hole) in Washington D.C. have let Muslim in the UN who by the way are not even a citizen of the USA have control what is put on labels. This is such bull shit.


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