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Mrs BBQ’s Pineapple Blast!

Written by Mr BBQ on June 28, 2014

A thirst quencher with some added blast! A few years ago, Mrs BBQ came up with this idea as a way to salvage a fast decaying pineapple. It’s become an annual summer sipper in our household, and given that we are in the dog days of summer-sure to be a refresher for you. It’s Pineapple Blast!

Ingredients—1 ripe pine apple, peeled, cut into chunks or wedges, up to ½ gallon vodka, 1 sun tea jar, tonic water and ice.

Preparation: Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple, cut off the skin, then cut into wedges or chunks. Place inside sun tea jar, add vodka to fill the jar. Refrigerate for TEN DAYS! (coldest part of fridge). After 10 days, fill a collins glass with ice, add up to 4oz. of pineapple blast and top with tonic water, stir and enjoy. DO NOT EAT the pineapple from the jar—it’s too bitter!


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