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Plea To White House: Save Old Growth

Written by Steve Leader on June 25, 2014

Photo courtesy: Associated Press

Dozens of scientists from the U.S. and Canada are urging President Obama to create a policy for saving old growth trees.

Some of the scientists are former heads of the U.S. Forest Service.  They say only about 10% of the country’s original old growth forest is left. Most of it is in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

They say the ancient trees, and all the plant life they nourish, must be saved, not logged.


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2 replies to “Plea To White House: Save Old Growth

  1. Anna

    See the associated website for a petition started on We the People to help support the scientists in their request to Mr. Obama.


  2. Laurie

    I say log em. They will be replaced in time. Tree’s grow, die and more grow. For heck sakes. Everything has a life cycle that ends at point. The will not live forever.


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