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Public Hearing On Proposed Portland Street Repair Fee

Written by Pat Boyle on June 24, 2014
street fee meeting

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

PORTLAND — Dozens of Portland business owners turned out for a town hall meeting at the Oregon Convention Center Tuesday to weigh in on a proposed street repair fee.

Leah Treat, the director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation¬† gave a budget rundown and explained by only $46 million is available to maintain the city’s $8 billion dollars worth of infrastructure. She told the crowd, “I know that many of you in this audience have families, just like I do. I have four small children.¬† I want all of them to be able to walk to school. I want them to be able to bike to school. I want your aging parents to be able to access transit to get to their basic needs and I want everyone to be able to travel safely throughout this city.”

Today, businesses are testifying about the controversial fee. Another hearing will be held tomorrow for resident to tell the city what they think.

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1 reply to “Public Hearing On Proposed Portland Street Repair Fee

  1. rob

    this is wrong in so many ways, for one we ALREADY pay for road repairs from the gas tax right ? ok well the city needs to figure a way to use EXISTING funds to do a job they are ALREADY paid for, and two how is this fee going to be charged? like the ARTS TAX?? i am sick and tired of the NEW TAXES in portland, dont even get me started on the WATER RATES!! my gosh we pay more for water here where water is plentiful than the Hawaiian islands!! this is a FACT!! this city is full of corrupt leadership and i cant believe a small city council has the POWER to FORCE US to pay for what SHOULD be already a done deal, enough with the bike lanes and pretty concrete flower areas!! just REPAIR the ROADS!! please i cant afford this anymore!! it never stops the constant new taxes and rate hikes!


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