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Wildfire Sparks In Timber Harvest Near Hood River

Written by Jeremy Scott on June 18, 2014

Mike Turner contributed to this story

HOOD RIVER — A wildfire that sparked in a timber harvest early Wednesday morning about ten miles south of town is burning on a steep slope in county forest land.

The Owens Fire, named after a ranch that once existed on the property has reached 50 acres.  Crews have nearly completed a line around the fire that’s now half contained and they hope to reach full containment by Thursday night.

The first indication of the fire came from KXL listener Phil Long who sent this picture before the crack of dawn.

The blaze spread rapidly in the morning through a clear-cut area thanks to wind and was fueled by downed trees.  The area contained felled timber, mostly Douglas Fir with some Ponderosa Pine from harvest three weeks ago.

The Oregon Department of Forestry put crews to work right away with fire engines and a bulldozer.  Helicopters, more crews and resources were brought in to join the fire line.

Chopper dumping water

Chopper dumping water

Winds could pose challenges for firefighters.  The humidity is expected to drop as it gets hotter.  Conditions are very dry for this time of year and you’re asked to be extra cautious in the forest.

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2 replies to “Wildfire Sparks In Timber Harvest Near Hood River

  1. Roxy

    I think it’s very miss leading to say “Timber Harvest sparks wildfire”! Authorities still do not know what started this fire, and just because it started in a logging job doesn’t mean the loggers/or their equipment had anything to do with it. It’s a very popular place, and lots of local young people have been known to hang out in there at night. It’s also a very popular area for hikers, and a few homeless camps are known to be in the area. Even a local web site say’s “The investigation into the actual cause of the fire continues. Barnes said the spot is a “high recreation area.” Which means it could also have been eco terrorism…but yeah, lets blame the loggers first, help give them a bad wrap, like they need any help.


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