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Reynolds High School Shooter Had Plenty of Firepower

Written by Jeremy Scott on June 11, 2014

TROUTDALE — An armed student walked into Reynolds High School just after 8:00 on Tuesday morning, shot and killed a classmate and grazed a track coach before taking his own life.

Police say the shooter was armed with an AR-15 type rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, nine loaded magazines capable of carrying hundreds of rounds, a knife and non-ballistic vest.  He got all the weapons from home.

15-year-old freshman Jared Padgett took the bus to school and walked into a locker room in the gym carrying a guitar case and duffel bag loaded with the weapons.

Jared Padgett

Jared Padgett

There was an exchange of gunfire between an officer and Padgett, but the medical examiner found that he died from a self-inflicted shot.  Using a robotic camera, police moved in after finding him slumped over in a bathroom stall.

He shot and killed 14-year-old Emilio Hoffman for no apparent reason.  Authorities say there is no link between shooter and victim.

“When we attended the candlelight vigil, we were humbled by the response from his friends, teachers and community.  Emilio loved his friends, and his friends loved him,” said the boy’s mother, Jennifer.

Emilio Hoffman

Emilio Hoffman

Emilio’s life was all about soccer, but he also enjoyed science and history.  Loved ones say he was always laughing and smiling.

Teacher and track coach Todd Rispler is being called a hero for saving hundreds of lives by going straight to the office to start lockdown procedures, despite being grazed by a bullet on his hip.

“We just saw people running everywhere, people screaming.  We didn’t know what was going on.  We just all went to the back of the classroom,” sophomore Herrardo told us.

Students were escorted out of the school with hands on their heads, searched and loaded onto buses.  They were taken to the Fred Meyer store in Wood Village and processed one-by-one before being reunited with loved ones.  Many waited anxiously with hugs and kisses.

“I felt so bad because I called my son and he’s not answering the phone and I see the news.  I’m so scared, but I see him.  I’m so happy,” said a relieved mother waiting for her son.


“This is a very tragic day, one that I had hoped would never, ever be,” said Superintendent Linda Florence.

During a search of the school, police found a gun on the brother of a student, but say it’s not related to the shooting.  Read more here

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19 replies to “Reynolds High School Shooter Had Plenty of Firepower

  1. Rebecca

    My deepest condolences to those who were involved in such a horrible and sad situation. I send all my prayers and hugs to eveyone in Troutdale. Especially the family of Emilio and all the students of Reynolds High School.


  2. shelly wiley

    I pray for the students that go to school everyday and have to worry about coming home by the end of the day. And for the patents that Have to send them.. I’m deeply concerned for mine and others children now days in the public schools it’s going on everywhere may God watch over our children and teachers, schools period let family’s be at peace God Bless.


  3. teresa stephens

    Prayers and love from our family to all those involved in this tragic incident…There are really no words to console, God speed and may healing come to those affected…God Bless – T


  4. Diane Fortner

    I am so sorry for you terrible loss. May God comfort you and the peace of Christ be with you all through this life. You are in our prayers!


  5. Nancy

    Great grace shower you all and may your eyes be touched especially to see God make something beautiful out of such a horrible tragedy! Peace of God be found by all! I am so sorry for your loss!


  6. alisha

    Prayers for everyone at Reynolds and the family of the victim, so sorry about your loss. From the sobolewski family. Your in our prayers.


  7. Pamela Bitner

    When is this ever going to stop, My thought and Prayers go out to the family in which the student Killed. May God Bless all in trouts dale!!!


  8. Tim Liszt

    Here’s the best line from this article. “During a search of the school, police found a gun on another student, but say it’s not related to the shooting.” Well, thank God it was unrelated. Just another gun on the proverbial playground called America.


  9. theresa

    I am so sorry for everyone and the shooter’s family. I have a 9 year old child with anger issues and worry my son someday might hurt others some day. I want everyone to know I am sorry for your loss.


  10. Lou Robertson

    My coach saw and he is a cop and he went to the crime scene i’m sorry for their loss
    game is dedicated to him and his family


  11. diana

    This is a tragic ending for all involved. It is my wish that law enforcement are able to learn from this sad tragedy. There are no heroes in this story as this story has not concluded. Investigation still continues. Both families are going through hard times.


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