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Missing Hiker Found Safe Near Multnomah Falls

Written by Pat Boyle on June 10, 2014
Woman found

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

Wahkeena Falls, Oregon – A 20 year old woman who went missing while on a hike at Wahkeena Falls has been found safe this morning.  20 year old Emily Metz was found on the Larch Mountain Trail above Multnomah Falls just after 6 a.m. She was found at the 1,200 foot level where the temperature was in the 30’s.

She says she’s an experienced hiker and recently moved to Portland from Northern California. She says she wasn’t really scared while she was lost. “I’ve done a lot of hiking before. I was prepared for the most part. I had a lot of gear.” Metz had a knife, snacks and water. She ran out of water and scooped up some from a nearby stream. She said what she wants most now, is a hot bath.

Metz says she did not have a map of the area she was hiking, but thought she could figure it out from the signs, This was one of her first hikes since moving to Portland. Once she got above Multnomah Falls, she wasn’t sure which trail to take. When she got lost, she stayed on the trail and was working her way down when rescuers found her.

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