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Husband Shoots Wife, Son in Vancouver Murder-Suicide

Written by Jeremy Scott on June 9, 2014
Vancouver shooting

VANCOUVER — Police say a man shot and killed his wife and the family dog and wounded their son at home before taking his own life.  The gunfire disrupted the quiet of a neighborhood at Northeast 52nd Street and 131st Avenue early Monday morning,

“The kid was yelling at his dad, saying ‘You shot my little brother.  How could you?’  He was screaming and crying, saying somebody help me.  And then another gunshot went off,” said one neighbor.

Officers found a shotgun on the porch of the home, where a family of four lived.  Danny and Sandra Luster, both 49, were dead inside.  Their 23-year-old son was shot in the gut and was said to be in stable condition.  The couple’s other son was not hurt.

The husband and father was said to be depressed after losing his job.  Property records show the couple was getting a divorce.

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2 replies to “Husband Shoots Wife, Son in Vancouver Murder-Suicide

  1. Jane Gregory

    domestic violence is a very ugly thing. This is my video for king county advocates. I’ve had surgery in 2012, 2013 &now next month. We as a country have to get a handle on domestic violence. I believe we should have a registry like sex offenders have. If you have one serious or more than two not as serious you register because a lot of women don’t know the mens history.


  2. Debby Sparks

    Might be a good idea! It won’t help in every circumstance, but it my help someone, male or female, to know if someone they are seeing has a history of domestic violence.


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