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WWII Veterans Remember D-Day

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on June 6, 2014
WWII Vet Jack Duncan

Portland, Oregon   As the Rose Festival Fleet lines the sea wall downtown this weekend, FM News 101 talked with Three WWII Veterans About D-Day and other things.  Jack Duncan enlisted in the Navy at age 18 out of Bakersfield, California.  he became an under water explosives technician, similar to what we would call a Navy Seal Today.  He also served in the Korean War and in the Vietnam War, a total of 43 years.

Jack will be 89 on June 26, 2014.   He says before he knew it he was on a PT boat and told to go “Kill Guys”.   He says he’s kind of a kill them all and let God sort ’em out kind of guy.  He was nowhere near Normandy but he still knows the importance of that day.

Bud was in World War II in the South Pacific he says he knew the united states  had to take Normandy.  Retired Chief Robert Cook says he had friends who fought in that battle many could not speak about the terrible things they saw .



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  1. E. "Doc" Riojas

    WWII Veterans Remember D-Day
    Written by Rosemary Reynolds on June 6, 2014 I am in the process of talking to the UDT/SEAL archieves for confirmation that this man: Jack Duncan is a bona fide graduate of the BUD/S program and where he trained.
    If by chance he is a SEAL Wannabe, wearing all those ribbons and the SEAL Trident, it means that he could be committing a federal crime.
    Next time you find a person who says he is a Navy SEAL, if i were you, i would ask for credentials or email: http://www.extremesealexperience.com/Who-Owns-Extreme-Seal
    Don Shipley is one of the SEALs that has a copy of the archieves.
    FYI: There are more SEAL Wannabe’s than there is of us real genuine “Frogmen.”
    Yes, Ask Don if Erasmo “Doc” Riojas is a real USNavy SEAL, if you wanna check me out.
    thankj you very much
    Doc Rio
    bleeds “Red, White, and Blue” Korea Police Action and Vietnam, soon to turn 84 y.old and proud of my service.


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