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Street Fee Progresses

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on June 4, 2014

If You live in the City of Portland are you beginning to feel like you’re paying way More in fees and taxes than ever before?  The last 25 years government has found another way to ding us in the form of fees.

An Arts Tax, a proposed fee for businesses in the form of  a double business license fee is in the works, for companies who operate after 10 at night such as movie theaters restaurants and bars. Last Thursday, Businesses may find they are paying a fee soon to cover the cost of port-a-potties garbage pickup etc.

Former secretary of state Phil Keisling says that, in general, the state has moved toward the fee passed process in the last 25 years. Lets take the proposed street tax or fee  so many things about it are unclear. Keisling says it’s up to us to make sure we know what we’re being asked to pay for .  He says that’s the beauty of public records law.  Even though we might have to dig every penny is accounted for.

Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick still hangs on to this argument for the street tax on KGW’s LIVE at 7:00.   if you wonder where the money goes now in Multnomah county  35 cents of every property tax  dollar goes to schools and 30 cents to police fire parks and transportation. Novick says even more transportation dollars are needed to the tune of 50 million per year.  The city’s thought of other ways to get it

Keisling says we voted for those in office.. we have the right to question them and vote for or against them if we don’t like what they do.

A vote on the Street tax has been delayed until November…. businesses need more time to wrap their heads around what the financial impact will mean to them.

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