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Portland Would Like To Charge Businesses To Stay Open Past 10pm.

Written by Jim Ferretti on June 2, 2014

Portland, Ore – City leaders will hear from The Office of Neighborhood Involvement on Wednesday (June 4, 2014) about a proposed “Late Night Activity Permit”.

The permit is said to “proactively address environmental factors that contribute to crime and nuisance activity as a result of late night business activity.”  The conceptual proposal says businesses that operate beyond 10pm that are open to the general public would need to acquire a Late Night Activity Permit.

Read the proposal hear: Late Night Activity Permit

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement says a series of town hall meetings to get feedback will be held and several focus groups of stakeholders, including industry membership, neighborhood leaders and others will be convened.

What will the permit cost?  That’s not known yet but the proposal does say there is intended to be an associated cost to the permittee for the permit however it’s not intended to cover the costs of initiating or sustaining the program.  It’s also not clear at this point at what level the City may have to absorb the cost.  It proposal also calls for a need for staff for initiation and maintenance of the program, funding to cover the potential technology needs of the program, and materials for training and education.

KXL called The Office of Neighborhood Involvement for comment and was directed to Portland Mayor Charlie Hales office.  That call was not returned Monday.


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