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da vinci Middle School Students Hold Rally Protesting Changes To Their Core Program

Written by Pat Boyle on June 2, 2014
Davinci rally

Portland, Oregon – Students at da vinci Middle School in NE Portland held a lunch time rally today to protest changes to the art magnet school’s program next year. The principal has decided to reduce the core program of arts, language and social studies classes to make room for more math and science instruction in the hopes of improving test scores.

The students want the principal to delay the changes for a year to further study how to preserve the core program and also add math and science time.

Parents and students plan to make that request at tonight’s Portland School Board meeting.

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1 reply to “da vinci Middle School Students Hold Rally Protesting Changes To Their Core Program

  1. lf

    What a complete embarrassment! The students and parents from this school have to be dumber than a box of Italian marble.

    I’ve taught in Portland for 25 years and these families are living in a self congratulatory fantasy world. Even the protest looks more like a catered affair as these over privileged brats stuff their faces with pizza and cake.

    I say, kick them all out and start from scratch with a bunch of Asian kids who’ll do whatever it takes to be successful (without complaining). Better yet, select students from the hoards of exceptional immigrants that are waiting to get into the country and benefit from our free society.

    I think these students have some romanticized idea of who Leonard actually was in the first place. He was first and foremost an engineer. He designed weapons and pursued military contracts. In his letter to a wealthy patron, Leonardo mentions that he paints only as an afterthought at the END of his letter (see below).


    Here’s a copy of the original.


    Of course, those kids probably won’t be able to decipher it since no one teaches cursive writing anymore. Just read today’s NY Times:


    By the way, his name is NOT da Vinci, it’s Leonardo. Da Vinci just means, of Vinci (his birth place) and the use of that phrase da Vinci while referring to Leonardo sounds amateurish, arrogant, pretentious and ignorant (especially for an arts school).

    Look, the whole education system is corrupt. It’s run by a mafia of lobbyists and cronies that push their standardized tests and teaching methods to make big money. However, There’s nothing special about this school. Every school is in the same boat whether you like it or not.

    Contrary to popular opinion, the school is not filled with artistic geniuses. By any standard, you’re failing. You can act like victims or do the work and get results, period. I truly shudder to think what the world will be like when these kids have to run it.

    Finally, there’s no such thing as “core” principles, as that’s redundant. You either have principles or you don’t have them


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