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Abused Cows?

Written by Mike Turner on May 30, 2014

A union spokesman describes a group of photos that depict various injuries of dairy cows at various company dairies throughout the Northwest.

It’s the second time in the last month that United Farm Workers have charged Darigold with animal abuse. The company denies it and said the first pictures were of a single cow. So workers went out to get the new photos over the weekend.

The UFW’s Jorge Valenzuela says workers are denied the most basic labor protections while a Darigold spokesman says the complaints are an attempt to grow union membership.

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2 replies to “Abused Cows?

  1. Karen Holland

    This is horrible. I will never buy or eat a DariGold product again. No excuse for this type of cruelty and abuse. They should do jail time and classes as well. Maybe a label of animal abuser to follow them. This will show up in other areas of these workers lives. Domestic abuse, child abuse, etc. Pathetic losers……..huge fines as well and a monitor placed in these facilities to be a watchdog. Paid by the company that is under scrutiny for 12 months and full time till change occurs. Frequent checks after the year is up and things are running well with no abuses.


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