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Wild Malamute Mystery

Written by FM News 101 KXL on May 29, 2014

Multnomah County officers are asking for the public to facilitate in a solving the wandering Malamute mystery.

County officers say a minimum of eight “Malamute-type” dogs have been found within the last 2 months near the southern edge of Forest Park by Northwest Cornell Road. 2 of which were shot for killing a goat. But so far, the county hasn’t been able to confirm the origin of the dogs.

The first two dogs were noticed close to Northwest Thompson Road and Cornell Road at 11:05 a.m. on Friday, March 21. One of the dogs has since been adopted out and therefore the other was transferred to a different animal care organization.

Then, on March 25th, four dogs killed a local goat. 2 of these dogs ran off and therefore the resident shot the opposite 2, as allowed by law. Later, another stray was found eating dog food at a local resident’s home.

“Malamutes are a somewhat unusual breed and it’s really odd to have so many unclaimed dogs from the same area,” said Mike Oswald, director of Multnomah County Animal Services in a news release. “We’ve got a genuine Malamute mystery on our hands and hope somebody in the public might have some information to help us solve it.”

All of the dogs are thin and Animal Services is investigating how they came to be occupy the forrest. bravo same the agency hopes to listen to from anyone who is aware of something regarding the dogs. The contact is Michelle Luckey, Animal Services field supervisor, at 503-988-6238.

Anyone interested in adopting the Malamutes or other dogs will sign in at the Animal Services web site. Also, anyone who would like to assist in looking after the dogs or other abandoned animals can support Dolly’s Fund.

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  1. Michael

    Just wanted to let you know that the story concerning the malamute mystery posted on May 29th was horrendously written and obviously not edited. It is difficult to read a story when there are so many errors in the text, not to mention the glaring unprofessional light this casts on your news site.


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