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He May Not Want To Be Called a Hero But a Trimet Bus Driver Is

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on May 29, 2014
bus driver sees video

PORTLAND, OREGON     Bill Clark Drives the Number 20 Bus.  Last Friday he was headed toward the Gresham transit station when he spotted a small child in the middle of Linn Avenue.  The seven year veteran’s instincts kicked in he pulled the bus over parked quickly and ran out to grab the toddler.  Clark exchanged very few words with the boy.  He put him on the bus and drove toward the transit station where transit police met him.

They in turn, called child protective services.  While the boy waited with the driver Clark gave him some cookies and quickly found out the little guy liked cookies and Hot Chocolate.  In fact his little face lit up and he repeated “CHOCOLATE”   Child proective serves kept the boy for awhile he was then returned to his parents.   Bill Clark was really happy about that.  Clark says, “I know I did the right thing going after the boy I didn’t really have time to think or feel much I focused on stopping the bus it’s what I had to do.”

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