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Cases of the Measles on the Rise

Written by Christina Kemp on May 29, 2014

Portland,Ore.– Measles cases in the U.S. have taken off this year. Reaching their highest rates in 20 years. But what about in Oregon?

The numbers are higher than usual. In the state we’ve seen 5 cases so far, in each it was a child who had not been vaccinated. Dr. Paul Cieslak with the Oregon Public Health Division says there is really no reason to see measles in the develop world anymore because of the vaccinations.

“We get a steady stream of re-importations from other countries that have lower vaccination rates and then once it gets here it does tend to find those people who haven’t been vaccinated and gives them the disease.”

People generally wont get vaccinated for religious or personal reasons. In Oregon we have the HIGHEST vaccine exemption rate in the country.

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