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Malamute Mystery

Written by Mike Turner on May 27, 2014

About eight to ten Malamute-type dogs were found in the last couple of months in the southern area of Forest Park near Northwest Cornell Road.The County could use your help in solving the “Malamute Mystery.”

Four of the dogs killed a local resident’s goat on March 25. Two ran off and the other two were fatally shot by the goat’s owner. Multnomah County Animal Services picked up another stray Malamute in the area on March 30 and an eighth Malamute was trapped on May 22 after it had reportedly been hanging around and eating a resident’s dog food for about a month.

Animal Services field supervisor Michelle Luckey says “Malamutes are a somewhat unusual breed and it’s really odd to have so many unclaimed dogs from the same area.”

The general condition of the mystery Malamutes has been thin or emaciated, and Animal Services wants to determine how and why all these Malamutes ended up in one area over the past two months.

If you see other stray Malamutes please contact at (503) 988-6238.

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