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Investigators Look for More Clues In The Disappearance of Susan Powell

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on May 27, 2014
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SEATTLE , WASHINGTON       Investigators will return to a Pierce County home, searching for clues in the disappearance of missing Utah mother, Susan Cox Powell.  The Attorney for her family says they plan to search the former home of her father-in-law, Steven Powell.  The convicted sex offender no longer owns the home.  He was forced to give it up as part of a settlement of the court case . Steven Powell was found guilty of taking inappropriate photos of two young neighbor girls.  The girl’s family now owns his home.  This opens the door wide letting police in to pickup on a search and any new information they might find on the missing mother.   Cadaver Dog’s will go through the home. True crime Rebecca Morris says her  investigation shows Steven Powell was obsessed with his daughter-in-law.  He would masturbate to pictures of Susan several times a day and he would take her used tampons out of the garbage.  Morris describes him as very creepy.  In another new development,  A federal judge has ruled that Josh Powell’s family can share in the Two Million Dollar insurance proceeds. While police do not believe Steve Powell was directly involved with Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance, they do suspect  he may know more about it than he let on.   The  Insurance policy covered the lives of Powell’s two young boys.  Josh Powell used an ax to kill them then he blew up his family home after a social worker brought them back to the house in 2012.  Josh Powell died in that fire too.

FM News 101 talked exclusively with Author Rebecca Morris  claims Steven Powell know exactly what happened to his missing daughter in-law.  Morris a long time journalist co-authored the new book “If I can’t Have You” with Gregg Olsen.  She maintains there were warning signs about hie son, Josh Powell, early on.  As a teen he threatened to kill his mother with a knife and tried to hang himself. As a true crime writer Morris was able to conduct interviews and read police reports.  She says that as early as 2007, that’s a couple of years before Susan went missing , Josh had daydreams about Susan dying.  Even after three years of research to write the book, Morris isn’t sure if what happened to Susan was an accident or murder.  Morris tells us the one good thing that’s come out of this case is that a Washington state representative is looking at tightening up the laws about who can visit with minor children when the adults in their lives are  connected to potentially serious crimes.   If this had been in place the two little Powell boys may still be alive today.

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