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Former U.S. Marshall: Legal Pot Has Lots of Unknowns

Written by Steve Leader on May 26, 2014
Mike Earp

The former number three man in the U.S. Marshal’s Service¬† tells FM News 101 law enforcement might not be prepared for the full effects of legal marijuana.

Mike Earp, a distant relative of U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp (gunfight at the O.K. Corral), says states with legal pot, including Washington, will “probably see more driving under the influence than just alcohol.”

According to Earp, there will be some law enforcement fumbles. ¬† He says they might continue until “one state jumps up and takes the lead in how everything’s going to be implemented.”

You can hear more from Earp, and about the U.S. Marshal’s Service, Tuesday on Portland’s Morning News.

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1 reply to “Former U.S. Marshall: Legal Pot Has Lots of Unknowns

  1. claygooding

    Marijuana has very little unknowns according to the 7000+ years of mankind’s use,,over 22,000 harm studies,,trying to find harm and failing pretty much covers it. Ask NIDA.
    However thr prohibition of marijuana has plenty of knowns that signal it is time to end it,,the least of which is that the USW law enforcement has arrested over 23,000,000 citizens for it since 1972 and all they have accomplished is spending trillions of dollars.


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