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Road Tax Upsets Portland Business Owners

Written by FM News 101 KXL on May 20, 2014
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Portland, Ore. — If you live or own a business in Portland  you could soon be paying another tax. City leaders want to add a citywide Road Tax.  It would cost the average household 12 dollars a month while business owners would pay between 50 to 1800 dollars a month. Something Gary Sargent says his business can’t handle.

“And I don’t make that by the time I pay my health insurance for all my employees. I pay their time off now which is required in the city of Portland. I pay. I pay I pay. I’m going to be looking at moving my business.”

Mayor Charlie Hales says he doesn’t  like raising the cost of doing business in Portland just when the economy is getting stronger, but if we don’t pay now, we’ll pay more later. The Road Tax will not be put to a public vote. City Council plans to take up the issue in the coming weeks.

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2 replies to “Road Tax Upsets Portland Business Owners

  1. Isaac Rabinovitch

    If this were a real story and not just a sound bite, we’d find out how much this tax i actually going to cost Mr Sargent. News needs to be about facts and not just who is outraged about what.


  2. Raphael goodblatt

    How do tax poor people, and say to bad, that this is a regressive tax. Sounds like rich people making decisions to their advantage. Tax the rich take care of the poor.


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