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Republican Senate Candidates Face Off; Drama Follows

Written by Christina Kemp on May 16, 2014

Mike Turner contributed to this report.

Portland,Ore.– The Portland City Club debate between the Republican Senate candidates raised a question about electability. Is it the career politician or the non-politician?

Dr. Monica Wehby says there’s a problem with career politicians.

“They vote for laws they don’t understand, they don’t read, and they leave us to suffer with the consequences. And when we ask them to be accountable they point fingers at other people”, Wehby said.

Her opponent Jason Conger says the Republican Primary winner will have to have elect-ability if they’re expected to beat Democrat Jeff Merkley in the Fall.

“When we run against Jeff Merkley, we as Republicans, our candidate must be electable. Our candidate must be solid and be able to run the race through to the end”, Merkley said.

In an apparent reference to Wehby’s past, Conger said there are many issues swirling around her candidacy that are relevant to how people will vote.

Namely the reports came out  today that Wehby has been accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend last year and harassing his employees. When asked about it Wehby bolted. KXL talked to Len Bergstein from Northwest Strategies who was at City Club. He says the news of the alleged stalking would have likely fizzled out over the weekend but her reaction is fueling the fire, which could have an effect on the votes.

“Most people will vote, about 50% of voters, will vote between now and election day on Tuesday. This could have an impact on people who has not voted yet”.

Bergstein says this will not be the thing that decides the election. He believes Wehby’s moderate stance and television ads will carry her through to election day.


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