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Nugent Show Cancelled

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on May 8, 2014

VANCOUVER — Sorry to break it to you Ted Nugent fans.  The rocker won’t play a show at the Clark County Fair this summer.

Did a contractual stranglehold kill plans to have him perform?  Fair contracts say performers can’t play other gigs with in a certain distance and time of their fair concert.  Nugent has two shows in Tacoma two days before the fair.  The fair manager says he never would have booked Ted Nugent if he knew about those other shows.

Nugent is known as a gun rights guy and a petition has been floating around urging the fair to drop him from their line -up.

The fair manager says its contractual, but The Columbian reports another band Night Ranger will play Albany and then the fair the next day and those two places are closer than the fair and Tacoma.  It got no response from the fair when it pointed that out.

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9 replies to “Nugent Show Cancelled

  1. Laurie

    What a shame. Seeps ridiculous to me to drag politics into everything. Is he not entitled to his opinion like the rest of us. Night Ranger is a poor replacement. If I had been planning on attending the fair and seeing the show I certainly would not attend after finding out I was getting Night Ranger in place of Nugent.


  2. InternetSavage

    Do the hacks that write these articles even proof read them? What the hell does this mean?

    “if you’re a HUGE Ted Nugent far but he won’t play a show at the Clark County Fair this summer,”

    And it’s Night Ranger not Night ranger!


  3. In Urtrash

    The loony liberal gun hating lefties have once again spoiled a public venue.

    I for one will never, ever attend another Clark County Fair. That goes for my entire family and circle of friends who feel the same way I do.


  4. andrew glover

    Ted not playing at the fair has nothing to do with ‘loony liberal gun hating lefties’, it actually has to do more with contractual obligations he accepted when he signed the contract in the first place.

    EVERY venue has a similar clause regarding playing a gig then then playing another close by in rapid succession, its not fair to the original venue that booked him. It would be great for Ted as he’d make more money not having to move his set/crew around but he’s been in the business long enough to know he can’t do it….so BLAME TED INSTEAD.


    1. Dave clay

      Yes it does have to do with who he is, Clark county is just trying to fend off controversy the Tacoma shows where book long before and they all look at bands schedules to see where they are before hand it’s much cheaper to bring in someone who is on the west coast performing then to have them come from the Midwest or east

      And as for their contact. Look and tell me where is night ranger playing a day or two before hand.



  5. Cara

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  6. R. York

    It’s not politics that is making everyone cancel Nugent’s bookings with them… It’s the hate and racism.. The “man” has no character.. He likes underage girls – or used to anyway, he did vile things to get out of serving his country, he trophy hunts animals which is just plain wrong, and he’s so full of ego he cannot even think straight.. Seems he never could.. No one wants to support hate in our country.. unless they are full of it themselves.


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