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Arrests End 7 Hour Standoff in Clatskanie

Written by FM News 101 KXL on April 27, 2014


Clatskanie, Ore. — A wanted man and woman were arrested in Clatskanie after a 7 hour standoff.

James Bryan and his girlfriend, Keri Hurley spent almost all of Saturday barricaded in a house. Bryan was wanted on a previous warrant, and had slashed several city vehicle tires earlier in the week. After he threatened local police, the chief called in the OSP SWAT team.

Our news partner KGW talked to people who lived nearby.

“We saw the SERT team here and a few other police. Then we found out from one of the neighbors kind of what was happening. It was scary. It’s a small town.”

The pair surrendered shortly after tear gas was used. They are both now lodged in the Columbia County Jail.

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1 reply to “Arrests End 7 Hour Standoff in Clatskanie

  1. Tim

    Yeah, this nonsense is just that out of Clatskaine with this stand off. There is more going on here than meets the eye. It is typical of Law Enforcement to try to ‘criminalize’ someone cause then it makes that person look like they are not someone to take serious. It sets the tone as to that persons character.
    I say this cause look at the facts that we know so far that has been released.
    No one who maybe ‘wanted’ for something goes around and slashes tires on city vehicles, with out a reason, albeit not a good reason, but a reason non the less.

    I do not know anything about these 2 people involved with this ‘stand off’, but I smell a rat in this, yes its in my nature to do so, I look at things through an investigators eyes as well as a person who writes and wants to know the truth about things.

    So, you all may drop the media ball on this and that is a given, but I won’t let this go till I know more about this deal.


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