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Obama Mispronounces OSO as Osso (Ah-so)

Written by FM News 101 KXL on April 23, 2014

Update: 4/23/2014

President Obama said many touching things about the northwest landslide tragedy from the Oso firehouse after touring the debris. However his error at pronouncing Oso may be distracting from the meaning of his visit.

He correctly referenced the town that was hit by this terrible tragedy last month while recognizing family members of the victims, first responders and officials, letting witnesses know that he came to support the community and that the hearts of the entire country are with them. Then came the error…

“Because while very few Americans have ever heard of Osso [sic] before the disaster struck, we’ve all been inspired by the incredible way that the community has come together.”

The crowd was silent, but the crowds sentiment was palatable as the president continued, again mispronouncing the name as he referenced letters he received from Darrington, Arlington and “Osso.”

Social Media blew up after the mistake, but sentiment is divided weather the president should be cut some slack.


President Obama visits Washington to mark the one-month anniversary since the Oso Mudslide. 41 members of the rural community lost their lives in the incident according to authorities on Monday.

Obama will tour the area and meet with rescue crews and victims’ relatives.

A hillside along the Stillaguamish River sloughed away from the landmass on March 22, loosing a cascade of mud that enveloped roads and homes near Oso. Crews have combed the wreckage and excavated mud, logs and debris greater than 70 feet in some places.

Lt. Richard Burke of the Bellevue Fire Department recounts that rescue efforts are being hampered by a virtual field of toxic sludge, including human waste and toxic chemicals from households, oil and gas. Some of the workers have even contracted dysentery

Obama will visit the community before he embarks on a four-country tour to Asia to convince Pacific allies the United States remains focused on them.

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1 reply to “Obama Mispronounces OSO as Osso (Ah-so)

  1. Laurie

    You mean to tell me after all this time, the man has not heard the name of the town on broad casts. Geez. He really is lame.


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