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Officer and K-9 Partner Shot By Burglary Suspect

Written by Jeremy Scott on April 19, 2014

PORTLAND — A man wanted for burglarizing a police supply store got into a shootout with Portland Police early Wednesday morning that wounded an officer and his K-9 partner.

Three men burglarized Blumenthal Uniforms & Equipment and got into an SUV with police in pursuit.  Two of them were arrested and the other took off from Capitol Highway and Lobelia Street when their getaway vehicle crashed into a power pole.  Gunfire was exchanged between an officer and 20-year-old Paul Ropp.

Paul Ropp

Paul Ropp

David Bell’s barking dog woke him up to find a suspicious man on his property.  By the time he made it outside, the man had taken off down the road.  Bell found the 20-year-old about a quarter-mile away in a neighbor’s yard and came face to face with an AR-15 rifle.

“He said he didn’t want to do it, but he would shoot if he had to.  I let him know he didn’t have to do it and just to calm down, relax.  He dropped it and became very apologetic and said ‘I’m a little confused’ and told me to call the police back and tell them not to come.  I said it just doesn’t work that way,” Bell told KGW.

The man took off, ditched the rifle along the way and went into hiding.  Messages to neighbors over the phone told them to lock their doors and stay inside, but it was delayed for at least 45 minutes when the first message came across as a test with no details.  Bell didn’t get the warning since he was outside the search radius.

SERT officers caught Ropp hours later a few miles away on Southwest Oleson Road bloody from the crash.  They also found the weapon nearby.  He’s still in the hospital with a guard at his bedside and will face charges when he’s released from care.


Officer Jeff Dorn, a 16-year veteran was rushed to the hospital and is recovering from gunshots to both legs.  Sadly, his K9 partner Mick didn’t survive.  The German Shepherd was found under a hedge about six hours after the shooting dead from a gunshot wound.

“Mick saved my life,” said Officer Dorn.

Officer Dorn with Mick

Officer Dorn with Mick

“For us, this is like losing a police officer.  This is like losing a member of our family because they are out there risking their lives every day too, risking their lives for their handlers,” said Sergeant Pete Simpson.

A procession escorted the fallen K-9′s remains from the scene to a veterinarian in Southeast Portland.  Mick was one of eight K-9 teams in the police bureau and was very new.


“We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers for our officers.  You never know where an incident like this can turn life-threatening.  Makes me focus on what’s most important and the life and death decisions that our officers have to make,” said Police Chief Mike Reese.

This is the second time in one month that a Portland Police officer was wounded in the line of duty.

20-year-old Steven Young and 25-year-old Jemaell Riley are charged with burglary, attempted kidnapping and robbery.


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16 replies to “Officer and K-9 Partner Shot By Burglary Suspect

  1. Michelle Lewis

    That is so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with the officer for his injury and the loss of his amazing partner.


  2. Christopher Cockream

    Sorry to hear that my prays go out to the Portland police department it’s always sad to lose a family member


  3. Anna Hipp

    I’m sorry to hear this myheart go out to you and for the lost of your partner you and all
    the police do the best that you can do get well and god be with you


  4. Myra Traywick

    It hurts very badly to hear from a policeman and his canine partner are hurt! The only thing we can be thankful for in this instance is the policeman got wounded severely but his canine partner who would have gladly given his life for his partner was shot and killed. My heart goes out to both of you.


  5. Stephanie

    I am sorry about your loss. I no how you feel to me my dogs are like my kids and family. Why do people have to be so stupid. Prayers for you guys.


  6. Jackie Grant

    God bless mick, what a hero!!! My prayers are with you Officer Dorn !! I am so very sad for the loss of a great K-9 partner and for officer Dorn that lost part of his family!!! I certainly hope charges are brought against this man for the murdering of a fellow officer…..K-9 or not!!! Mick will certainly be serving and protecting at the Rainbow Bridge!!


  7. Juli Knapp

    I am so sorry to hear about Mick but am very happy he was there to provide help to Officer Dorn. I wish you a speedy recovery Officer Dorn.


  8. Cheyenne Sullivan

    That is so sad I’m glad the officer is recovering and I hope he does get better completely. The poor doggie it’s amazing that they and the police officers risk there lives to save and protect society
    But it’s sad the doggie died but I’m am praying for both the police officer and the doggie


  9. Jeremy Gooding

    My thoughts and prayers go to the officer and his amazing K9 partner you never know how this will happen like always mentioned you gotta be ready for the unexpected


  10. pam brandt

    Our hearts are broken our family would like to thank all of our officers/k-9 for their service god bless you all


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