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Clinton’s Crowds

Written by Mike Turner on April 8, 2014

Contributions from Pat Boyle, KXL

Hillary Clinton supporters were lining up early to catch her speech at Keller Auditorium. She weighed in on Vladimir Putin during a sold out speech in Portland last night, but kept quiet about another possible run for the White House. She told a crowd of three thousand at Keller Auditorium Putin is a tough guy with thin skin and he is trying to drag his country into the past.

The main topic of her speech, sponsored by the World Affairs Council, was women. She says she had the chance to meet with women from around the world when she was First Lady and then Secretary of State and says “more than 100 countries still have laws on the books that limit women’s roles in the formal economy.”

She says she is writing a book about her time as Secretary of State during which she visited 112 countries and traveled a million miles.

She was asked about Congress’ low approval rating with the public and what it would take to restore respect. Clinton said ” don’t vote for people who proudly tell you they won’t compromise.”

The last question of the evening came from a Glencoe Elementary student who asked if she wanted to be called Madam President or Mrs. President. Clinton just shrugged and said thank you and good night. During the applause, someone in the crowd yelled, “Hillary for President”.

Those we talked to say she’s intelligent, powerful and a perfect role model for younger women. They would also like to see her run for President.

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