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3.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Metro Area

Written by Steve Herman on April 7, 2014

The USGS says a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit the metro area at 8:33pm Sunday. The epicenter was approximately five miles north of Sherwood, where the heaviest shakes were felt. The USGS confirms the quake occurred 12.27 miles under the earths surface.

Luckily no damage was dealt.

Portland State University Geologist Scott Burns says, when he first heard about the quake he feared the worst. “Immediately when I heard about this being in Sherwood I thought oh my god there’s a major fault that goes from Newberg to Sherwood to Tualatin and maybe it’s on that fault line,” Burns told KGW. “But then I looked at the exact place on the map, and realized it was north of there, right next to the Tualatin River.” That fault line was previously undocumented.

10-minutes before the 3.3 magnitude quake hit, it was preceded by a smaller one. Burns says the focus should be on the future. “We’re gonna see if it’s gonna be a precursor to a much bigger quake in the future, right now we don’t know,” Burns said “Last week there was that 8.2 earthquake in Chile, the entire week before there were a whole bunch of earthquakes in the area, now in retrospect we know those were precursors to that big one”.

911 calls reporting quakes.

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