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Sellwood Store Owner in Hot Water Over Anti Gay Posts

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on April 4, 2014

PORTLAND,OREGON  Co-owner of Moreland Farmers Pantry is taking some heat over comments against gays and same sex marriage posted to her Facebook page.  In addition, Chauncy Childs posted an article written about someone else supporting the right to businesses to refuse service to gay people.  This did not sit well with neighbors  and especially Sean O-Riordan whose brother was gay and recently died of aids.  O’Riordan took Childs comments and put them up in a youtube video.

“My brother was tormented just because he was gay.  He would have done anything for anybody,” said O-Riordan tearfully.   Childs says she would never deny service to gays and she’s really sorry for what happened.  She says she hopes to make up for this by making a donation to a gay suicide prevention organization.

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