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Oregon City Cell Tower Battle

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on April 3, 2014

It’s Farm Country and AT&T has lots of places to put a new cell tower, but for some reason it’s insisting on placing it right in the middle of several small properties in Oregon City. The fight is on as they’re on to the next step in trying to keep that Cell Tower out of their neighborhood.

In December representatives for AT&T wouldn’t even testify at the hearing on this.  Written notice was barely given to families on New Era Road 50 people signed a petition against the tower many of them appeared at that meeting. The outcome Application Granted. Cindy Morton and Shiela Hornecker  have done their homework on this

Families on that road are already have cancer They’ve lawyered up and have filed an appeal with the land use board of appeals (LUBA) they’re prepared to fight AT&T tooth and nail to get them to move the tower someplace else.  Realtors have told the neighbors anytime a cell tower goes up in a residential area property values go down about 20 percent.

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  1. Steve Gray

    I represented Sheila and Bill Hornocker for the purchase of their home and property on New Era Road last year. None of the information about the proposed cell tower was public at that time. This is a truly unfortunate and outrageous siting as AT & T has other very good options but has not even looked at them. View of a cell tower is like living next to a freeway or power lines. IT will diminish the value of a homeowners property significantly. The amount of the diminished value will run up to 20%. After all, how motivated will the next buyer to be living next to a cell phone tower. They will only be motivated at a significantly reduced price.


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