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Oregonian Changes Gears: New Web Focus

Written by Jake Baez on March 26, 2014

More changes at the Oregonian.  First they went from 7-to-4 days a week home delivery.    Now, there’s a shift in the TYPE of news they want reporters to cover.

And some wonder if that will shift the culture of journalism from reporting the news, to sensationalizing the facts.

Joshua Benton is with the Neman Journalism Lab at Harvard. Now that a quota system is being put in place for reporters to get eyeballs on the paper’s website, critics wonder if that could change what type of news is delivered. But Benton says

“Are there going to be some of the elements of the online presence of the Oregonian that are going to look a little bit déclassé to maybe a classic newspaper reader? Sure.”

He wouldn’t go the record with us, but in a statement posted on the Willamette Week website, Oregonian editor Peter Bah-tee-uh said ‘good journalism is, and will be a staple of our company, and I’m proud of my colleagues and the work they do.

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