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PSU and Faculty Divided

Written by Mike Turner on March 24, 2014

Portland State University’s administration threatens to pull the email accounts of striking faculty members.

Union leaders filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the State Employment Relations Board.

faculty union executive director Phil Lesch said “the university has not cut off email access to employees who are not working for other reasons,” such as unpaid leaves or medical leaves. Striking is protected activity under law, and employees do not lose their employee status just by exercising that right.”

A University spokesman says if faculty decides to not work they cannot have access to office tools.

Both sides continue talks this week. The union must give 10 days notice before a walkout.

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3 replies to “PSU and Faculty Divided

  1. Will Becker

    If the teachers go on strike, how will it effect student for the upcoming Spring term? I’m supporting my daughters education at PSU and I don’t want to loose my investment. I’ll be asking for my money back if my daughter’s education is effected.


    1. Ben

      I’m sure it depends on the professor, but speaking as a student I have the impression that most professors are going to do their best to minimize the impact on students. The professor for one of my online courses is putting the whole course up to allow us to continue without her if the professors strike, I’m sure others will attempt to do similar as possible.


    2. Lindy

      I was told that the strike may last for a week or less and if the school doesn’t make a compromise, the worst thing to happen is the rest of the term is cancelled and students/parents get their money refunded. I was told this by one of my professors.


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