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Jake Báez

Written by Jake Baez on March 11, 2014

Jake Baez Comes from a large family, and a rich history of question askers, which has helped lead him to the heart of the internet.

Having attended Oregon State University for graphic design and Spanish he has gone about carving a niche in the creative community has allowed Jake to be a small part of a creative craft,. Like every other craft, it has existed because many other people have been doing it for a long time. Luckily, now, all those years of surfing the web and complaining that things are too expensive will come in handy.

Among Jake’s list of latent abilities are drawing, painting, sculpture, writing (professionally and recreationally), photography, video, copywriting and editing, coding, speech, brainstorming, creating, collecting, and interwebbing like many others…but he finds the best success because of his attention to the little things and personal touch. A passion for the work, and drive to make a difference.

Personal portfolio of design work can be found here.

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