Portland Longshoremen Walk Off Job, Terminal 6 Closed | 101 KXL

Portland Longshoremen Walk Off Job, Terminal 6 Closed

Written by Jim Ferretti on March 4, 2014

The gates are locked and a picket lined has been formed outside Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 as Longshoremen walked off the job following lunch today.

KXL obtained an e-mail sent to distributors from ICTSI Oregon, the Terminal operator, told companies to pull truck drivers out of line.

“All ILWU Union labor at terminal 6 has walked off the job after lunch. There is a picket line formed outside the terminal gate and labor is refusing to cross. At this point there is no work going on at the terminal and we do not know when we will be back to work. There is a good chance this will take most of, if not the rest¬† of the day to resolve. If you have trucks in line and have the ability to get out of line it might save you a long day of waiting.”

We are continuing to gather information on this story and will update as it becomes available.

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3 replies to “Portland Longshoremen Walk Off Job, Terminal 6 Closed

  1. gary weaver

    We will soon be shipping south to Long Beach/cheaper rail and cheaper containers.
    When the hanjin crew leaves town the terminal will make a great place to bike and
    visit the future food courts.


  2. NZ

    If Hanjin does pull out, and T6 loses their major economy (as most of it is from Hanjin), that’s going to ripple effect and leave plenty of us without work.


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