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Settlement in Fatal Crash Involving Portland Bicyclist

Written by Jeremy Scott on February 26, 2014

PORTLAND — The family of a woman who was run over and killed by a delivery truck on her bicycle has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the company.

Kathryn Rickson was riding in the bike lane on Southwest Madison headed to the Hawthorne Bridge on the evening of May 16th, 2012 when the truck turned into her at 3rd Avenue.  She was wearing a helmet and had flashing white and red lights on her bike.


The family sued Golden State Foods Corp. of Delaware for $1.8 million.  Both sides settled for $700,000.

Rickson’s estate alleges that the driver, Dawayne Eacret or Keizer and his co-worker, Josiah Reed were negligent in failing to see and yield to her.  They also claim the company didn’t adequately train its drivers or properly equip its trucks with blind-spot mirrors.

“It’s been very hard not to keep expecting her to call,” said Kathryn’s father Ted.

Rickson's parents and attorney

Rickson’s parents and attorney

“Our daughter didn’t go anything wrong.  She obeyed the rules and was a conscious cyclist,” said her mother.

The settlement happened in the midst of a civil trial that lasted part of two weeks.  The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office earlier found no criminal negligence on the driver’s part.

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2 replies to “Settlement in Fatal Crash Involving Portland Bicyclist

  1. Withheld

    You might like to do a bit of fact checking on your article. There are a few errors. I was a member of the jury that (obviously) never got to deliberate, because a settlement was reached before closing arguments. The truck that hit Ms. Rickson was not a dump truck, it was a delivery truck and the person riding in the truck with Mr. Eacret was not his “partner”, but a helper whose job it was to help load and unload the truck at its stops.


    1. Post Author Jeremy Scott

      By partner, I meant co-worker. Sorry you got another impression. My apologies about dump truck. We always try our best to fact check, and sometimes we regrettably make errors.


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