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Beaverton Bans Marijuana Dispensaries

Written by Steve Herman on February 26, 2014

After months of discussions the City of Beaverton has decided to ban marijuana dispensaries.

It’s most likely just a temporary ban, so the council can sort out how to regulate dispensaries in regards to zoning and business license requirements. However there are a few members who would prefer the ban become permanent. On Tuesday the council voted that the 6-month moratorium is to start February 28th. The Oregonian reports that the ordinance was passed quickly and unanimously and that no one testified in opposition to the ordinance. However the city council did say they received multiple emails from advocates opposing the temporary ban.

Over the next six months the council will work to put together new requirements for marijuana dispensaries before they re-visit the issue with more permanent legislation.

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8 replies to “Beaverton Bans Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. Chris Matthwes

    The real problem with this ban is nobody was asking for it. I know multiple letters sent in that were not published as the citizen testimony by Beaverton residents. I attended every meeting regarding medical marijuana in Beaverton and it has not been months it has been 4 weeks. Tonights meeting didn’t have any public testimony because none was allowed. Most of the citizen testimony was the police chief and Shirley that doesn’t even live in Beaverton. My letter was published but I know numerous others who’s letter were not. Who exactly decides what gets entered into the public record. The Beaverton city council voted this in without the will of the people. The moratorium in in effect 1 year as they have 180 days to issue a license once the application is submitted.


  2. Shane Yoakam

    Your story is incorrect as the Beaverton City council did not allow any testimony or made it impossible for a resident to do so. There were NO yellow cards on the table to fill out so one could testify. The Council Chamber was arranged differently to fit the Tigard City Council and had no area for one to testify also. There were several people there to testify and were unable to.


  3. Jimmy Griner

    OMG…this is so frustrating! Seriously, why can’t we all agree that smoking herb is not really that bad. How is it that our society allows people to get wasted in public and drive home drunk?

    When will it end?


  4. Mr Hayes

    This is nothing to worry about, it’s temporary. Society is moving forward, in regards to marijuana acceptence, not backwards. Eventually it’ll be legal everywhere and there’s nothing the pigheaded bureaucrats can do to stop it.


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