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Fear Is My Friend?

Written by Dan Mitchinson on February 20, 2014

“Are you scared?”

Since people found out I started boxing, and am training for my first fight, I get that question a lot. But it’s only been this week that I really, really started thinking about it. And the honest answer is, ‘a little, yes.’

I’ve never been a ‘sports kind of guy.’ So for me, ‘fear’ is taking on a new title. Is it the pressure of trying something I’ve never tried before, that I think I’m too old to do, or that can’t do well enough? I don’t like to fail. But I’m not quite sure where this fear is coming from. Is it really the fear of failing? Or maybe it’s the fear of hurting someone else (or more realisticaly being the person who is hurt)?

It could just be the fear of the unknown. After all, until recently, I had never really given boxing a second thought. Now, I look forward to my sparring sessions each week. I have a love/hate relationship with working out my legs and doing cardio. But I’m also still frustrated that even though I see a physical change in myself, I still can’t see my abs (what is it about guys and abs).  I need to learn to be more forgiving of myself and focus on what I have accomplished, and not what I haven’t.

I thrive on positive reinforcement. And almost as much when someone points out my failings, because that gives me another target to aim for.

So what am I really afraid of? I don’t yet know. But I think I’m getting closer to an answer. Boxer Mike Tyson said ‘Fear is your friend.’ Maybe I need to embrace that philosophy. Better to have fear as your ‘friend,’ than your enemy working against all you’re  trying to accomplish.

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