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Portland Teachers Vote to Strike

Written by Steve Herman on February 6, 2014
teacher strike

PORTLAND, Ore- It has been almost a solid year of negotiations and Wednesday night at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, teachers made the vote to strike.

The vote was nearly unanimous, 98% of the teachers voted in favor.

Dozens gathered outside chanting there support while teachers made there vote. They will officially notify the district later Thursday of there intent to walk out February 20th.

District superintendent Carole Smith says “I’m really disappointed that the teachers union called for a strike, even as we’re actively in mediation.” 

Both sides plan to meet on Sunday to continue trying to reach an agreement.

So what are teachers and the district still fighting over?

There are three main sticking points starting with class sizes. The district says the average class room size is 24, but teachers claim the average is actually higher.

Another sticking point is the length of the school year. The district wants to add three days, however the teachers only want that added to low-performing schools.

And lastly is salary. The district is offering teachers a 2% increase each year for the next three years. The teachers want more.

The teachers union in Portland represents 2,900 educators. The district has nearly 48,000 students.

In support of teachers, Franklin High students are planning a walkout. They plan to march to the more visible Division Street at 12:20pm. Avery Bloch is the student union member who organized the walkout. He says “To be honest I think it will morally support them. Teachers at school who talked to me today were impressed with the idea. My English teacher and all my teachers that I have a huge amount of respect for were very happy and like to know we care about it too,” Bloch told KXL.

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1 reply to “Portland Teachers Vote to Strike

  1. BAB

    Why are the kids doing this? They have little idea what is going on and supporting the teachers makes it sound like someone did quite a bit of one sided talking to them. They are the ones who will suffer along with parents who have no way of taking care of the kids that cannot be left alone during the day due to there work. Seems that the teachers would do better for all staying at work. The amount they will loose in pay if the strike goes on for any length of time will not be made up by increased pay usually unless its a large wage increase. Also if they get a pay increase it is retro back to when the old contract expired so its a no win if they strike.


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