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Man Saves Arlene Schnitzer from Choking

Written by Brett Reckamp on February 3, 2014
arlene schnizter with husband

(Arlene shown with her late husband Harold in the Japanese Gardens)

Tom Smith heard a woman choking while he was having lunch at a Wilsonville Burger King.  So, he went over, saw that she was turning blue and administered the Heimlich Maneuver.  She managed to recover and went on his way.

It turns out the woman he saved was Portland philanthropist Arlene Schnitzer.  She did not forget that kind deed and went back to the area to look for Smith.  He works at a nearby Target and was on his lunch hour at the time.  She didn’t know where he worked, but canvassed the area until she found his store, then left her business card.

The two have since connected and now have a relationship.

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