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No Prison Time for a Teen Driver in A Deadly Hit and Run

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on January 31, 2014

HILLSBORO,OREGON   19 year old Cynthia Garcia Cisneros will serve 3 years formal probation that’s 3 years on each count.  They run concurrently and she will do 250 hours community service.  She will also have to pay $400 dollars in fines. Cisneros was found guilty of 2 counts of felony hit and run in the death of Abigail Robinson and Anna Deiter-Eckart. These felonies cannot be expunged. The two Forest Grove girls  were  run over while they played in a pile of leaves right across the street  from their home.

Cisneros was convicted earlier this month.  Judge Rick Knapp made his decision on no prison time taking into account that the family of the victims did not the young woman to go to prison.  The courtroom was very emotional as Susan Deiter Robinson made her statement during the sentencing hearing.  “I know this was an accident I know what you felt when you found out you killed my girls.  I struggled with forgiving you. I choose to forgiveness I don’t want to be stuck in that night in October.  I forgive you I do.”

Cisneros will be released on Tuesday and then she will be taken into Federal custody .  She has a n Immigration hold and will participate in a status hearing in Tacoma.  Immigration attorney Courtney Carter said, “Cynthia Garcia-Cisneros has been in this country since she was four years old.  She has no intention of relinquishing U.S. Rights.”  She also commented that temporary status does not allow for these kinds of crimes.  Her parents are expected to put up a bond of $10,000 to $20,000.



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