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Tension Builds as School Board Meets to Discuss Surplus

Written by Cort Johnson on January 27, 2014

With additional reporting by Rosemary Reynolds

PORTLAND, Oregon – After ten months of talks and no contract agreement between Portland Public Schools and the teacher’s union, the tension between the two groups continues to grow

More than 200 people have signed up for a rally outside tonight’s Portland Public School’s board meeting, promising to keep the noise level down this time.  A meeting held January 13th became so loud and disruptive, the school board made a quick exit.

Tonight’s meeting is supposed to discuss the use of a $20-million-dollar surplus, something the teacher’s union wants spent on their requests.

No formal meetings have been scheduled for negotiation this week, prompting union leaders to begin preparations for a potential strike.  Some fear the school district will stop all talks and impose the last and final offer, which dates back to November of last year.

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1 reply to “Tension Builds as School Board Meets to Discuss Surplus

  1. BAB

    And this is the way the teachers and there group act? They teach children how to act in public and they act like this?? Oh yes and they are among the few who can strike in the public sector. They then also ask the children to help them out by telling there parents to help out. Due to every one else hurting money wise and benefits also due to the new laws.


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