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Only About Half Have Paid Portland Arts Tax

Written by Jeremy Scott on January 22, 2014

PORTLAND — Seven months since the Portland Arts Tax was due, still only about half of people required to pay the $35 yearly tax have paid up.

“We knew that the first year would be the lowest compliance because people were the least aware of the brand new tax and the infrastructure to collect isn’t fully implemented,” said Thomas Lannom, director of the Portland Revenue Bureau.

Just 55% have paid and those who have not could be hit with a penalty equal to the amount of the tax.  The city expects more people to pay once it’s included in tax preparation programs and as awareness grows.

With the second year of the tax coming due on April 15th, the city is giving people another chance allowing them to pay in thirty days with no penalty.

$3.5 million of the nearly $8 million that the tax will bring in has been distributed to schools and arts organizations despite two lawsuits challenging the law’s constitutionality.

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5 replies to “Only About Half Have Paid Portland Arts Tax

  1. Cal Endula

    Compliance is low because of mass civil disobedience. The public knows what a sham this tax is and is refusing to pay it.


  2. matt mccourt

    forget the art tax… its worthless give em some markers or crayons… it may have been voted in BUT the description of the tax was a slimy attempt at hiding what it was because I read the voter p[amphlet and it did not even come close to describing this thing I know 3 people who moved just out of Portland cuz they were sick of Portland and it’s idiocy and about 20 people who flat out refuse to pay the tax and say go ahead come after me.. how do you get something like this reversed?… they seem to do that with things we vote in quite often around here.


  3. Ms. Hadit

    It’s a two-fold problem here. First, the City’s bureau managers should be fired for
    mis-management of tax payer dollars. Second, the people who voted for this extremely ignorant idea of a tax must have missed the fine print that said it is “indefinite”. I pay enough in property taxes to fund the schools and I DON’T have kids.


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