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Students Return to Class After Norovirus Outbreak

Written by Jeremy Scott on January 21, 2014

BEAVERTON — Students returned to Rock Creek Elementary School on Tuesday for the first time since more than 100 of them and some of their teachers got sick from the highly contagious norovirus last week.

There were still some feeling sick and they stayed home.  65 students were absent, which is way higher than usual.

“This illness is undoubtedly causing some of this increase in absences,” said the district’s Maureen Wheeler.

Staff spent the weekend scrubbing the school clean from top to bottom.  Officials still haven’t found the source of the outbreak.  The county health department sent home this letter to parents.


“I thought it was just a stomach bug.  Then on Friday when we came to pick up our daughter, we found out it was 100 kids that were gone.  Then we came home and pretty much disinfected everything,” parent Dedrick Inirio told KGW.

Norovirus has been spreading through the metro area of late.  Officials recommend a few things to stay healthy: avoid sick people, sanitize often, drink lots of fluids and wash contaminated clothing or linens in hot water.

Doctors can’t do much for norovirus sufferers besides prescribe medicine to help keep food down.  They usually get better in two to three days.  Students and staff with symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting should stay home until the symptoms have subsided for 24 hours.

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