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Commissioner Novick Trash Talks Oregonian

Written by Dan Mitchinson on January 21, 2014

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick is trash talking the Oregonian. On his blog Tuesday, Novick struck back at the paper and its criticism of City Hall.

“You can sit back and take it, or respond in kind” Novick tells KXL’s Lars Larson Show. “Actually it was after I saw Richard Sherman’s over the top post NFC post victory explosion the other day that I thought ‘Hell, let’s trash talk them (the paper) back and do it better.’ “

Novick says the City Council has kept silent over the Oregonian’s recent editorials and articles, but he finally had enough of being called ‘mediocre.’

“They’ve been sort of pounding  us over the last couple of weeks and it really has been over the top, and you don’t really expect editorial pages to call the entire city council mediocre.”

On his blog Novick wrote ‘You want to talk about mediocre? A paper that only delivers four times a week, now that’s mediocre. You want to question our commitment to jobs? Seriously?  The paper that specializes in firing people-good people like Ryan White and Scott Learn-wants to talk about jobs?

Oregonian Editor Peter Bhatia told KXL “Steve is an outspoken and entraining and smart guy and is entitled to his opinions and I respect that  very much.”

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5 replies to “Commissioner Novick Trash Talks Oregonian

  1. Steve

    Steve Novick is right on …the Oregonian is no longer even worth wrapping Fish. The paper is total Crap it once was a great newspaper.


  2. Steve

    Steve Novick is right on …the Oregonian is no longer even worth wrapping Fish in. The paper is total Crap it once was a great newspaper.


  3. Suzy Jones

    While I agree with Steve’s evaluation about the value of the Oregonian, I disagree with Mr. Novick’s decision to “trash talk.” I am a Portland City employee and we are not allowed to publicly comment like that. We will receive punnishment if we don’t take the verbal abuse from whoever “trash talks” us! What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Shut up Mr. Novick, take the verbal abuse, and remain above the fray. It is an expectation as a City employee!


  4. Al Brown

    To start out, I do not subscribe to the Oregonian, I am not a fan of the Oregonian, and I voted for Mr. Novick (something I will not do again). That said, “Commissioner Photo-Op” (Novick) can only aspire to attaining the status of “mediocre”. His contributions to date: bolt your house down. valves to shut the gas off in an earthquake, ask Santa to fix streets (he really did this), and suggesting to use taxpayer money to raise the value of a selected few homes by paving their streets free of charge. Anything to get in front of a camera. This is not leadership or vision, its just seeking publicity. When we have 20 or more semi-trucks unloading crushed rock on our residential street every work day for four weeks, blocking traffic, backing blindly down side streets, the Transportation Department Commissioner (Novick) ignores our requests for help. As cracks appear to open in the street paving, he ignores our requests to have that monitored. In meetings I’ve attended where he has appeared, the only thing he can talk about is getting more money for more projects – no talk of becoming more efficient. As a recent move-in with much of his key staff from other cities, he has no sense of Portland’s history and no real sense of what most Portland residents want or need. Facebook, Twitter, a Blog fine; he thinks that is Portland. He needs to get his face away from the tablet screen, stop getting his input from his staff and the handful of people he meets at neighborhood meetings and get out there and actually meet people. Portland is not a city of people happily pedaling their bicycles from latte shop to latte shop as they tap on their smart phones. Most of us are working hard, raising families, and too busy for the games this man plays. Mr. Novick’s has the right to criticize, and we all have the right to criticize him. The role of the press isn’t just to give him coverage in a favorable light any time he demands it, it has a more important traditional role and that is to criticize where it sees the criticism as necessary. Mr. Novick is once again trying to get attention, but in this case he is throwing rocks at the Oregonian as he stands in front of the Greenhouse known as City Hall. Just starting a fight to get attention.


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