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Tualatin Mayor Would Like To Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

Written by Jim Ferretti on January 20, 2014

TUALATIN, Ore. – Mayor Lou Ogden says while he would like to ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, he feels residents of Tualatin the same. “I’m sure that’s not a universal feeling, but I think we think (city council) sort of the general tendency of the attitude of our community.”

Mayor Ogden goes on to say there are a number of negative impacts of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Law.  The law says dispensaries can not be located in a residential zone or within 1000 feet of a school.

“Those conditions of themselves speak to the fact that is not an activity most people want in their neighborhoods or around their children.

Mayor Ogden says city council has been looking at this issue for several months but nothing official has been proposed.  That being said he tells KXL, city council does have a work session coming up and he hopes to bring a proposal to a future city council meeting for the residents of Tualatin to talk about in an open forum.  No word on when that will happen.

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3 replies to “Tualatin Mayor Would Like To Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. kab

    I think Mayor Ogden is incorrect in his assumptions. His position is not unexpected and further illustrates the ignorance in our elected officials. I suggest we take away his (and the city councils’) alcohol and prescription drugs and let them go to some other city to pick up their elixirs of choice. It’s time for elected officials to start viewing documentaries, read up on the historical basis for bans on MJ and become more informed citizens if they want to continue representing those of us who take the time to understand the issues.


  2. Impacts of Marijuana

    I think Mayor Ogden is right on target and illustrates his concerns for the impacts to his community.

    All we have to do is look at what is happening in California, Colorado, and Washington to see that marijuana brings many impacts to the Safety of our communities.

    Oregon said no twice to pot storefronts, and again said No to pot legalization in November of 2012.

    As District Attorney Jackie Lacey from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in California noted in a letter to Governor Kitzhaber regarding HB3460: “Although regulating marijuana activities in your state maybe a noble endeavor, legalization marijuana sales through the storefront model is not the answer. We know this first-hand. Our empirical evidence proves that storefront pots shops are merely fronts for drug dealing.Drugs, money and crime are inextricably linked. Directly tied to the influx of storefront pot shops is the increase in crime and drug abuse. We are also experiencing an increase in illegal commercial warehouse grow operations, mobile delivery services and injuries and property damage caused by explosions from the volatile THC chemical extraction labs operated by “patients.”

    In Colorado, regulation and enforcement of marijuana dispensaries cost the Denver Police Department approximately $640,000. This number did not reflect Patrol involvement, Public Nuisance Abatement involvement, civilian employee involvement, such as the crime lab testing and complaint database maintenance or other agency involvement such as the City Attorney’s Office which has had to devote staff specific to medical marijuana issues; also Zoning, DFD, NIS, Environmental Health, Building
    Inspection, E&L, etc. who all have some involvement

    There is no such thing as safe and regulated pot when it is still a federally illegal drug.

    Below is just one example of the impacts Oregon’s marijuana program has had on our communities.



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